Welcome to Astronomy Today, 3rd Edition CD-ROM and to your exciting journey into the world of astronomy!

This unique CD-ROM is designed to integrate the extensive media resources available with Astronomy Today, 3rd Edition into an electronic version of the textbook. This one CD-ROM makes it possible for you to view videos and animations of topics you are studying, connect directly to our Astronomy web site and its additional resources, and review chapter materials with a separate interactive study guide.

If this is your first visit, you should read the ReadMe file very carefully as it contains important information on installing optional files on this CD-ROM, configuring your browser properly, and navigating through the program.



Astronomy Today, 3rd Edition hyperlinked electronic textbook. This electronic version of the text includes:

--Extensive hyperlinking between the table of contents and chapters; between learning objective and corresponding chapter section; between glossary terms, their definitions and related text discussions; between end-of-chapter exercises and related text discussions. A new navigation system allows you to move around within and across chapters without having to go back to the main table of contents.

--Links to Animations and Video segments. These resources augment text discussions and are available only on the CD-ROM (accessible from both the table of contents and from within the chapters); the video and animation windows now open on top of the text window so that you can see related text and figures while you view the video/animation.

--Links to the related sections of our Astronomy web site (

Multimedia Study Guide for Astronomy Today, 3rd Edition. This interactive study guide is a separate program on the CD-ROM. It includes interactive labeling, sequencing, and multiple choice questions on the material in the text. It also includes self-grading and immediate feedback, summary of results and previous results to track improvement, and suggested areas to read in the text for additional help.

The Study Guide software may either be run directly from the CD or copied to your hard disk. The CD version is useful when you don't have enough space (about 14 MB) free on your disk for the software. Please see "V. The Study Guide" in the ReadMe file for information on installing and running this program.

Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. The hyperlinked text files on this CD-ROM can be read with any browser (we highly recommend either Internet Explorer or Netscape). If you don't have a browser already, you can install this one.

Apple QuickTime. You must have QuickTime both installed and associated with your browser in order to view the animations and video. Please see "II. C. Associating QuickTime" in the ReadMe file for information on associating helper applications with the browser.